Terms & Conditions



(1) The contractor offers professional video services. This includes in particular the creation of wedding films. The Contractor will film the wedding in coordination with the client and takes over the organisational, artistic and practical implementation. The contractor provides all deliveries and services exclusively on the basis of these general terms and conditions.

(2) The wedding film is delivered in an online video gallery with a high resolution download option within 16 weeks after the wedding.

(3) The contractor is not at any point obliged to release individual film recordings.

Copyright, rights of use, self-promotion


(1) Amelie Peters grants the client the unrestricted spatial and temporal right to use the wedding film she has made for private purposes. This includes in particular the right to reproduce the film. However, the client is not permitted to change or edit the film in any way and, in particular, to publish it in a changed form.

(2) Commercial use of the film, on the other hand, is only possible with the consent of the videographer.

(3) If the film is published on the internet, in particular on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, the film must be labelled with a reference to the author “amelie peters films”.

(4) Unless the client raises an objection before the contract is concluded, Amelie Peters is permitted to use the film she has taken for portfolio or advertising purposes. In particular, she may also publish the recordings on the Internet. Amelie Peters will not grant any further rights of use to third parties.

(5) The granting of the rights of use according to paragraph 1 only becomes effective upon full payment of the fee.